Wacky Wednesday: Wills That Make You Go “Hmmm…” – Carlotta Liebenstein


NB: This post is part of a series highlighting wills that contain some interesting, and sometimes bizarre, bequests and stipulations. You can see all these posts here.

Leona Helmsley left her dog, Trouble, $12 million in trust, but that amount seems paltry considering the amount Austrian Countess Carlotta Liebenstein left her dog.

When she died in 1991, she left her entire $80 million fortune to a German Shepherd called Gunther III. This allowed the dog, and a puppy he later fathered, to live in a mansion. Gunther III, died a month later, leaving his fortune to his offspring, Gunther IV, who is now reportedly worth $372 million.

A few years ago, Gunther’s caretakers reportedly purchased the celebrity Madonna’s home on Gunther IV’s behalf for $7 million. Evidently, the dog now has free rein of the grounds and house, which includes a doggie playroom.

You can find out more about Gunther, IV by clicking here.

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