Can I Revoke A Transfer On Death Deed By Will?

Suppose you signed and recorded a Texas Transfer on Death Deed naming your girlfriend as the beneficiary of your house. You had been together for several years and thought she was the love of your life. You wanted to make sure she inherited your house without having to go through a probate proceeding. But things … Read More

Wacky Wednesday: Wills That Make You Go “Hmmm…” – Reuben John Smith

NB: This post is part of a series highlighting wills that contain some interesting, and sometimes bizarre, bequests and stipulations. You can see all these posts here. Reuben John Smith wanted to make sure he had a comfortable place to sit for eternity. So when he died in 1899, he directed that his body be … Read More

Is Married Beneficiary’s Interest in a Trust Separate or Community Property?

Texas defines separate property as property owned before marriage or acquired by gift or inheritance. For example, if you purchased a house before you were married, the house would be your separate property. Likewise, if you inherited a house, even while you are married, the house would be your separate property. However, income earned from … Read More

Can Physicians in Texas Withhold Life Support Against Patient’s Wishes?

Most of the time, Directive to Physicians are signed by patients who do not want their lives prolonged by life-sustaining treatments; however, sometimes the situation is reversed. For example, a Texas Tribune article last year featured the case of a 9 year-old girl whose parents wanted their daughter to continue receiving life-sustaining treatment despite doctor’s … Read More

Can Life Support Be Withheld If A Patient Has Not Signed A Directive To Physicians?

Most Americans have not executed basic estate planning documents. Studies show that more than half of Americans have not executed a basic will, and even fewer have executed durable powers of attorney and medical powers of attorney, and directive to physicians. So, what happens if someone suffers a catastrophic injury or illness and is on … Read More

Who Will Take Care of My Pets After I Die?

My dog’s name is Jilly. My family adopted her several months after Elway died. We weren’t really looking to adopt another pet so quickly, but we happened to visit the shelter, and saw her. The shelter estimated she had been a stray for at least six months. Her fur was overgrown and matted, and she … Read More