Will a Gift I Make To My Married Child Be Community Property?

A very generous father contacted me over the weekend. He wanted to buy a house for his son, but was concerned that the house would become community property because his son was married. He wondered if there was a way he could ensure that the gift to his son was classified as separate property. InRead More

Dying Without A Will Can Be A Nightmare!

I get calls and emails every week from people struggling to cope death of someone they love. In addition to the grief they experience, many struggle financially because their loved ones died without engaging in any type of estate planning. Some people don’t write Wills because they believe death is too unpleasant to consider. IRead More

Where there’s a Will…

A few weeks ago, a journalist emailed me to ask if she could interview me for an article she was writing. The article she wrote appeared in the Statesman 50ATX Guide for Young Boomers and Beyond. Below is the article as it appeared. You can also read the article online by clicking on the followingRead More

How to Avoid Being Victimized by Fraud

My mother received a phone call a few weeks ago from someone claiming to be an Apple representative. The caller claimed that a breach in my mother’s iCloud account had been detected. She asked that my mother provide some sensitive information on the phone and authorize remote access of her computer. My mother refused. SheRead More

Can I Change My Will Before My Divorce is Final?

There is a Texas statute that prohibits Courts from entering any orders that prevent parties in a divorce proceeding from changing his or her Will. Section 253.001 of the Texas Estates Code provides that a Court may not prohibit a person from executing a new Will, executing a codicil or an existing Will, or revokingRead More

How Will My Property Be Distributed If I Die Without A Will Before My Divorce is Final?

If you and your spouse are planning to divorce, you probably wouldn’t want your property distributed to him or her if you died while your divorce is pending. But if you don’t have a Will and die while married, your estate will be divided according to a statutory formula that doesn’t take into account theRead More