Choosing a Guardian for Your Children

Resolve to Name Guardians For Your Children

The part of estate planning that most parents struggle with is naming a guardian for their children. For some parents, the process of selecting a guardian is easy. They have close relationships with certain family members or friends who share a similar worldview. They have absolutely no hesitation about the possibility of that person steppingRead More

People Ineligible To Be Appointed As Guardian

When appointing a guardian for a child, the court will consider what is in the child’s best interest. According to the Texas Estates Code, certain people are statutorily ineligible to be appointed as guardian. These include: a minor; people whose conduct is notoriously inappropriate; an incapacitated person; a person who is a party or whoseRead More

Who Will Raise My Children if I Die Without Naming Guardians?

The thing that drives most young parents to plan make a will is not their stuff. Of course, we all want our children to get as much of our assets as we possibly can give them, but that’s not what we worry about. What worries us most is who will take care of our minorRead More

Selecting a Guardian in the ‘Modern Family’

I think one of the funniest shows on television right now is Modern Family, and last night’s show was especially hilarious as Cameron and Mitchell tried to decide who would raise their daughter Lily’s if something were to happen to them. The couple initially considered Mitchell’s sister Claire and her husband Phil as her guardians,Read More

Can A Parent Appoint A Guardian For An Incapacitated Adult Child ?

The thing that worries most parents about dying is typically not what will happen to their stuff. It’s who will take care of their kids. And the worries are compounded for parents of children with special needs who may need a guardian throughout their lives. You know your child’s personality, temperament, fears, likes and dislikesRead More

Is It Possible To Name Guardians for My Children Without a Will?

Many parents name guardians for their children in their wills, but the Texas Estates Code also provides a means of legally naming a guardian in a separate document. The statutes provide that a parent may declare a guardian for their children in a document that is: Written wholly in the handwriting of the person makingRead More