Retirement and End of Life Care

How is an Out-Of-Hospital DNR Different from a Directive to Physicians?

A directive to physicians, also known as a living Will, is a document that allows you specify what kind of life-sustaining treatment should be administered or withheld if you are diagnosed with an irreversible or terminal condition. The fact that the word “directive” is included in the document scares a lot of clients because they … Read More

Living Life to the Fullest!

As an estate planning attorney, I’ve had the great privilege of working with many individuals who are nearing the end of their lives. Although elderly and sometimes not in the best of health, they don’t let age slow them down. They travel and spend time with family. They help those in need and spend time … Read More

Why Doctors Choose to Die Differently

An article written by Dr. Jacquelyn Corley on CNN titled “Why Doctor’s Choose to Die Differently” explains why doctors are less likely to demand aggressive end-of-life care than the general public. In the article, Dr. Corley shares a story of a patient who had suffered a massive hypertensive hemorrhage. Within two days, tests revealed that … Read More

End of Life Care: What Would Your Doctor Do?

The Directive to Physicians, or Living Will, is the document that allows you to specify what life sustaining treatments should be administered or withheld if you are diagnosed with a terminal or irreversible condition. Signing this document is not easy for most people. If forces them to consider the potential that they may one day … Read More