How Property Distributed When Someone Dies Without A Will

Who Inherits When Unmarried Sibling Dies Without a Will in Texas

When an unmarried sibling dies without a will in Texas, the distribution of his estate will depend on whether he has any surviving descendants or parents. If he is survived by descendants, the Texas Estates Code specifies that the entire estate will pass to them. If he is not survived by descendants, his estate will … Read More

The Unintended Consequences of Not Having A Will: Deadbeat Dad Claims Part of Deceased Son’s Estate

While I was in Houston over the Holidays, I read an article in the Houston Chronicle that illustrates the unintended consequences of not having a will. It was about a man named Timothy Cole, whose father had not been a part of his life since he was seven years old. Timothy Cole died in the … Read More

The Price of Not Having a Simple Will

I read an article by Don McNay recently, which highlights the complexities, expense and unwanted results that can arise in cases of intestacy. McNay is a financial columnist and advisor and explains that he tells anyone who comes in his door to get a will so that they can control how their assets are disposed … Read More

What are the Inheritance Rights of Adopted Children?

If you are a parent of an adopted child in Texas and you die without a will, your adopted child will be entitled to the same inheritance rights as any biological children. The Texas statutes provide that adopted children and their descendants can inherit from and through their adopted parents and relatives just as though … Read More

The Complexities of Intestacy in Texas

Many people may assume that if they are married and die without a Will in Texas, their surviving spouse will inherit their entire estate. You might be surprised to learn that this is not always the case. The way property is characterized is important in determining who inherits the property when its owner dies. In Texas, … Read More

Intestate Distribution for the Single Parent — What Happens If You Die Without a Will in Texas?

If you are an unmarried person who dies without a Will in Texas, the Texas intestacy statutes will dictate how and to whom your assets will be distributed. According to the statutes, if you are single with children, then all your property would pass to your descendants. If your descendants are of the same degree of … Read More