The Complexities of Intestacy in Blended Families

The Consequences of an Outright Distribution to a Spouse in Blended Families

Estate planning can be complicated in blended families. If you have children from a prior relationship, making an outright distribution of your estate to your spouse may result in your children being disinherited. Why? Because when you make an outright distribution to your spouse, your spouse has the power to do whatever he or she … Read More

Can I Fight the Intestacy Laws?

I received a note recently from someone asking if it was possible for her to fight the intestacy laws. She and her husband had been married for 31 years and he had died without a Texas Will. Her husband bad been married previously and had three adult children. He paid a large amount of child … Read More

Estate Planning in Blended Families

According to a Pew Research Study, more than 4 in 10 Americans are part of a blended family.  And while 7 in 10 are satisfied with their step-family relationships, the study revealed that people typically feel a stronger sense of obligation to their biological families. That’s what makes estate planning for blended families complicated. If you … Read More

Can Stepchildren Force a Surviving Spouse to Sell Homestead Property?

The death of a spouse can be complicated in blended families, especially if the deceased spouse’s children are not bonded with their stepparent. Problems often arise in cases of intestacy, when Texas statutes dictate how property will be divided at death. In blended families, the surviving spouse is only be entitled to keep his or her own … Read More

Intestacy Can Be A Nightmare In Blended Families

I got a note yesterday from a woman whose husband had died without a Will. Her husband was also survived by two children from prior relationships. She and her husband lived in a home that her husband had purchased before they were married. She asked what her rights were regarding her husband’s property and the … Read More

If You Are A Part of A Blended Family, You Need A Will

I got an email from someone this week whose husband did not have a Will. She and her husband had been married for 17 years. He had three children from a prior marriage, and they had one child together. Before they got married, he bought a house and a commercial building. During their marriage, they … Read More