The Virtual Law Practice

When I opened my virtual doors a year and a half ago, very few lawyers operated in the virtual realm. But the virtual law practice model is becoming more mainstream as attorneys harness technology to make legal services more accessible, convenient, and affordable for their clients. The focus of the September/October issue of the American … Read More

Preparing for Aruba!

A few of weeks ago, my husband called with some exciting news. He earned an all-expense paid trip at work for himself and a guest to Aruba! We leave the middle of June for five days. I can’t wait! Despite my excitement, my mommy brain has gone into overdrive as the trip approaches. As I’ve … Read More

Thank You!

When I started my solo practice last January, I must admit I was a bit nervous. I believed that clients would benefit from a web-based law firm because: It’s accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from any location It allows clients to handle their legal needs on their schedule rather than … Read More

Caring for a Loved One With Dementia

As Americans live longer, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia is on the rise. I read recently that the incidence of people with Alzheimer’s doubles for every five years past age 65, and that a recent study showed that one in seven people over age 70 has some type of dementia. The New York Times … Read More

The Law Practice Revolution

I was flattered to have been mentioned in an article David Hill wrote for International Legal Technology Association quarterly Magazine, Peer to Peer, about how technology is shaping the practice of law. You can read his article, “The Revolution Has Already Happened: A Curmudgeon’s Counterpoints,” here.

Will Power

I was quoted in an article titled “Will Power,” which was published in the April issue of Broward Family Life magazine. You can read this article by following this link (pdf).