Frequently Asked Questions About Wills

Do I Need to File My Will?

The Texas Estates Code provides a procedure for those wanting to deposit a will with the clerk of the court for safekeeping. The cost of depositing a will with the clerk of the court is $5. Depositing the will is not mandatory, and has no legal significance. A will deposited with the court will not be … Read More

How Do I Revoke a Will in Texas?

Throughout your life, changes will take place that may trigger a need to modify your will. These include events such as marriage, divorce, the birth or adoption of a child, relocation to another state or country, changes your financial situation, or changes in the way you would like to distribute your estate. When the need arises … Read More

How Often Should I Update My Will?

Life Changes Can Result In Unintended Consequences, Even For Those With Wills An essay entitled “second-chance family” caught my eye last year. It was written by a woman named Kate Simonson, who had been adopted as an infant. She lost her father to a work accident when she was just three years old. Her mother … Read More

Say What? Will Terminology Defined

Lawyers use a lot of words when talking about wills, assuming that everyone knows their meaning. But from talking to friends and clients, I realized that many people outside the legal community don’t understand what we’re talking about. Below are some common commonly used terms defined: Testate: Dying with a valid will. Intestate: Dying without … Read More

Why Don’t You Have a Will?

Most people recognize the importance of having a will. But a study done nationally in 2007 found that over half (57%) of all adult Americans do not have one. Parents with children under age 18 are even less likely to have a will. More than two-thirds (69%) don’t. Do you fit in that category? If … Read More