Eddie Newman – Frisco, TX

A few months ago, my wife contacted you about preparing will and estate planning documents for the both of us. Initially, I had some reservations when she mentioned that your services were completely internet based. I must admit I was a little shocked and surprised to learn of an all electronic process. I felt that face-to-face consultation was necessary since this was such a personal issue. It only seemed right to face the lawyer preparing my last will and testament.

I am not one who likes to admit when I am wrong, but I have to tell you Rania, that I could not have been more pleased with the level of services that you provided including, but not limited to: the knowledge you demonstrated about all of the will and estate planning process; the patience to effectively communicate with us in order to enhance our knowledge of the process; the personal attention and thoughtfulness that you demonstrated with each session; and finally the quality of your work, including the coordination of all the will and estate planning documents.

The patience you had in educating my wife and I on the process was nothing short of remarkable. And your thoughtfulness to remember our birthdays after our business had concluded goes a long way in demonstrating the care that goes into your work.