Liz & John D’Angelo – Spicewood, TX

Being prepared for unexpected or even expected life changing issues was certainly a very delicate and very private subject for us. We were unsure that the Internet was the way to handle such a private issue, thus we were somewhat apprehensive about this process. Since Rania came highly recommended to us we were willing to give it a try.

Thanks to Rania, once we made the decision to invest time and energy into putting our thoughts and desires into words the hard part was over. To our surprise, she took time to get to know us and our goals which made us feel more important than the hands on a time clock!

During the preparation of our wills and directives Rania never left any question unturned or unanswered. Most importantly, she challenged us to think in depth about issues we never considered and offered sincere heartfelt options. She was always quick to respond and kept the process moving. An office environment could not compare to the privacy we had working in our own home at our own convenience. We couldn’t have had a more positive experience!

We highly recommend Rania and have no doubt that any legal service provided by her is always provided with the utmost level of integrity. Thank you so much, Rania!