Mary D, Plano, TX

I had started to work with a conventional estate attorney following my husband’s death and found that things were going to be very expensive, in addition to the fact that she wasn’t listening to what I wanted to do with my estate. That’s when I started looking for an easier, uncomplicated, inexpensive way to get all the estate paperwork handled. It is also when I found Rania Combs online.

Thanks to Rania, I was able to get my estate matters in order. Rania was gracious, patient, and thorough as she led me through the process of my estate plans. She listened to my needs, concerns, and thoughts with care and interest. Additionally, she had knowledgeable suggestions and offered various options to enable me to carry out my desires for my estate. Everything is completed and I can rest in the knowledge that it is “done right” and fulfills my wishes.

I strongly recommend Rania Combs to anyone who is looking for a lawyer to handle their estate.