Pat McIntyre — Austin, TX

Recently, I had the onerous task of updating my estate plan and after viewing many resources I found an attorney named Rania Combs who worked from home, which I thought was a really good idea. In working with Rania, I realized that I had selected a very, knowledgable, professional, intelligent and compassionate individual, who actually had my legal needs as the number one priority. That was a very comforting discovery to me. I was also very impressed with the fact that Rania was actually listening to me as past experiences had lead me to feel the I was being sold a product I did not want or need.

If you want a legal matter addressed without drama or fanfare in a prompt and professional manner, by a very competent and compassionate attorney, I would recommend Rania Combs, without hesitation. She is a very person oriented individual who certainly is well suited for the legal profession as she puts a warm and smiling face on the image on how your attorney should present.

Thank you Rania, it has been an absolute pleasure doing business with you.